Your Brand & The Art Of Songwriting

I really enjoyed a recent article on about telling your brand story.  You can check it out by clicking here and I also retweeted it.  It gives a lot of great advice on crafting your brand's message to the marketplace.

What stuck with me about that article was how telling your brand story is a lot like writing a song.  You have a lot to say and it may take you a while to get all the notes, words and melodies in the right place, but at the end of the day you only have about 3 minutes to get that story across if you want something "radio friendly".  That takes skill and an ability to look inward to understand the motivation that will create a true connection with your audience.

Some great songs take 15 minutes to write and others takes years to perfect, but each song that sticks in our head (for better or worse) has a great hook.  It's what producers look for when helping artists craft songs and labels look for when deciding what to release as a single.   When writing your brand story, make sure you have that hook.  Whether it's a personal story about how your started your company, the evolution of your brand over time or the core attributes that make your organization successful, they all make up the verses and chorus of your song and authenticity is key to getting your story to resonate.

This is especially true in today's world of content marketing.  Storytelling is the thing right now according to some, but in reality it's always been there.  If you look at the brands that matter most to people, they all have a story.  Some may have had the luxury and scale to sell their songs for years and years like Coca Cola and IBM.  Others are today's favorites - just think about how long it has taken brands like Facebook and Twitter to be part of today's fabric.  It's my hope that you don't end up being a one hit wonder.

Not everyone can be a great songwriter, but all of us should work on ways to talk about your brand in a way that connects with your audience in ways that go beyond the logo and your tagline.  Work on yours today and come up with something that rocks!