Make A Commitment To Content Marketing

The main problem that most businesses have with content marketing is the ability to keep it going.  There is always a lot of interest at the beginning, but due to a lack of focus, shifting priorities or an inability to generate new and interesting ideas derails even the best of content strategies.  How you create and maintain that momentum for your content marketing is the critical path. 

It's not easy to keep creating content, especially when you find it challenging to keep it fresh or see the direct economic value it's providing for your business.  If you think it's easy try writing something new every day for two weeks and see if you can keep your brain from falling out of your ears.   Writing is a discipline as much as it is an art, which means you have to work at your craft rather than expect divine intervention to hit you every day.  I think if you surveyed all the great writers all of them would have struggled with inspiration and creativity at some point.  Pushing through and generating relevant and timely content will differentiate you from others in your space.

The main recommendations I have for content marketing would be:

  1. Get started - I've seen a few small business who can't even get off the mat and write their first post because they are scared of the commitment they are making or worry about making a mistake.  Get that first piece done - I promise it won't kill you.
  2. Establish a calendar and a time and interval commitment - if you're struggling with how often to post something, start with an interval you absolutely can hit, like a month or every two weeks.  It may not be what you want but it will create the habit you need to propel the cycle.  That may mean carving out some time each to week to write or research, but schedule it like you would a meeting.
  3. Just write - not every piece of content needs to be Shakespeare, but you do need to write regularly.  It may be a line or a paragraph but get something on paper - over time it will improve and generate new ideas you can move towards.
  4. Find good sources for inspiration - newspaper and magazine writers have the daily news cycle for ideas, and I bet your business has something similar.  React to what is happening in your marketplace - read the news, drill down on a topic by searching on it and find something that's happening related to your world.  I'll bet you will find something compelling.

We all know content is king these days.  Search engines demand it and the ability to keep fresh,  interesting storylines that highlight your positioning and show your customers you are on top o the market is very important.  Even if you start small, a regular commitment to driving content will help you business be effectively positioned today and for the long term.