Born For This

One of the better things about starting out on this new adventure is the pause in business travel.  When you get on the regular schedule of being on the road your life revolves around airplanes, hotels, points...this trip, the next trip and getting everything done while occasionally running in to your family and friends.  It's been a blessing to have more time with my wife and kids and to reconnect with so many friends and colleagues.

This week I got to experience something really neat just by being in town.  My friend, basketball teammate and college roommate just became the headmaster of our high school.  A few of us decided to crash his first morning as headmaster and then have breakfast.  It was a lot of fun to get together as a group for the first time in a while and share stories.  It was something I would have missed if I would have been on my normal travel pattern and in hindsight I would have regretted that.

An interesting thing I realized while we were together is that from the surface you would have never have painted my friend to be the headmaster type.  However, the more you peeled back his life and career you realize he was born for this role.  All the skills, strengths, abilities and passions that drove him along prepared him to take on this challenge.  I don't think there's anything better than seeing someone accomplish a life long goal - even it if wasn't a goal from the beginning of life.

It feels good to be following a similar path and it gives me that continued lift I need to meet the challenge in front of me.  It's amazing what happens when you are present.