Is 2017 Truly The Year For Mobile?

As marketers we've read for a while that "this is the year for mobile" and it's certainly in the headlines again this year.  We cannot deny the power that device in our hands holds over all of us these days, and most felt we reached a major tipping point when more search traffic was generated from mobile devices than desktops.  Although mobile has been top of mind for several years, it still has not reached its full potential which is exciting and scary all at the same time.

When you think about the advancement of mobile tech over the last ten years it is truly remarkable.  The launch of the iPhone and its competitors has taken a device that mushed our cell phone and iPod together to something that now can replace our wallet, our GPS, our game systems and quality family time at meals.  Frankly I'm not sure anyone under 25 uses their mobile device to talk anymore and I wonder if it will be even called a "phone" once my generation moves on.

There still are, however, several industries and companies that have not created a positive, productive experience on mobile devices and that will continue to be a major challenge as the prominence of mobile devices grows.  Some of this may be about demographics, but I know we still did most of our holiday shopping (maybe not browsing but the actual purchasing) on our laptop.   Trip planning (i.e. something beyond booking just a hotel or flight) still seems easier on the big machine.  Writing anything at length may be an eternal challenge but I bet someone figures that out.  At the end of the day some may never be able to get there, but like with most things in life the easier the access the greater the connection...and mobile will continue to be the key for the foreseeable future.

We'll probably still be debating this topic (or parts of it) at the start of 2018 and fact remains that only so much can happen with a four to five inch screen (although the VR crowd may tell you differently and ultimately prove me wrong).  Responsive web sites will help and more tech will come along, which will continue to put marketers at the bleeding edge.  Hopefully you have a great mobile strategy in place that can set the tone and shape for your business and your industry.