What's Your About About?

Some businesses only start to think about their About Us statements when they are working on that page for their website or when they need it for a presentation. Most let it atrophy on their site or at the bottom of press releases.  If it's been a while since you've looked at your About paragraph/page break it open and make sure it:

  • Reflects who you are - don't think it has to be in corporate speak.  Add some personality to it and make sure it's in on brand in terms of tone and voice.
  • Resonates with your audience - It's the perfect opportunity to tell your story so why not take advantage of it.  It should talk about what you do and the benefits and advantages you provide your customers and the market.
  • Brags when it needs to - some people have a problem hyping their accomplishments but what better time to do it!  Some humble bragging reinforcing that you are a quality company and can back up your brand promise.
  • Doesn't forget to sell - your About Us section is a great avenue to you to have a elevator pitch for your business.  Find a way to describe your business in a clear and succinct way so when someone asks what your company does there's a simple answer.
  • Acts as a guidepost - even though your business may evolve over time there are times when knowing who you are helps make decisions about the types of things you should be involved in or not involved in.  If you're About Us is in line with your current business philosophy then it will serve you well in staying true to your mission and vision.

Search engine analytics tell us the About page is one of the most visited areas of web sites so make sure it's not something throw together at the last minute.  Your About Us statements will be that virtual handshake or starting point of a conversation and it's important they show the world who you are.