Blending Art & Science In Your Marketing

Most people outside the marketing world generally think of marketing and advertising as a creative endeavor.  I always used to say that most people thought marketing was how to "make stuff look pretty".  Those of us in the industry know differently - there's lot of science that goes into effective marketing.  Buyer behavior, visual and color theory and the general psychology of decision making all play a part in what marketers do and the analytical part of marketing is becoming even more prominent in today's digital world.

The digital space demands even more of our right brain.  Conversions, metrics and analysis of market trends and statistics are an increasing part of what marketing has to take responsibility for, especially when CEOs are looking to marketing as a growth platform and for a definable return on investment.  This puts pressure on the traditional marketing model and those that don't have the analytical part of your brain working in concert with the creative side will be at a disadvantage.

That being said, there is still a very important place for creative.  The best ideas don't come from numbers - they come from creativity and thinking outside the box.  Stats and analysis can get you to a certain point, but the transformative nature of marketing still requires vision, intuition, art, music, color and passion.  I think that with today's results-driven marketing trend dominating the headlines the need for art and copy can get lost.  Don't lose site of what got you into marketing in the first place.

Make sure you are finding the balance between art and science in your marketing - both sides are important to the process and one won't be effective without the other.