What Martech Means For Your Business

Martech is the one of big buzzwords in the marketing landscape.  Martech Today defines it as "the blending of marketing and technology. Virtually anyone involved with digital marketing is dealing with martech, since digital by its very nature is technologically-based. The term “martech” especially applies to major initiatives, efforts and tools that harness technology to achieve marketing goals and objectives."

As we all know marketing and technology have been blending for years. The age of digital marketing has propelled it forward and the advancements we are seeing now in marketing automation and big data have really put tech in the center of the marketing universe.  At the end of the day I think the big things that martech adds to a marketer's quiver are:

  • It makes tasks easier - the ability to automate a lot of tasks and have data available at the push of a few buttons.  Dropping campaigns in a day or two versus weeks and months is really amazing when you think about it, and the ability to see how they are doing in real time is feedback we've all craved.  That and access to data that makes us better marketers is truly an advantage we have over the more analog age.
  • It efficiently enables the sales process - one of the greater challenges for marketers that directly support sales efforts is giving salespeople an easy to execute program that takes a lot of thinking and planning out of it, and martech is really making that happen.  Salespeople have so many things to do that the deliberate, brand building things that have to happen regularly get lost unless marketing makes it easy.  Martech gets sales and marketing on the same page more consistently and narrows the gap between idea and execution.
  • It moves us towards making right connections at the right time - the more we can know about how our customers and prospects behave the greater our ability to reach them at the right time in the proper channel and creates a construct that lets that happen somewhat automatically.  When you see it at work it can almost be scary but with the right strategy and mindset it really is transformational.
  • It creates process and structure - one thing that marketing departments regularly struggle with is the line between people and process.  Sometimes, especially in smaller department, they are one in the same which causes larger problems if someone leaves or moves into a different role.  Martech allows a marketing team to capture learnings and best practices plus automate goals and tasks that are enterprise critical.  People will never be removed from the process but the more structure that is in place the more insulated your department may be from losses in human capital.

If you don't have a martech strategy in place - one that deals with both the customer facing and operational needs of your marketing team - it's time to put one in place.  Without one your brand and your company will be lagging behind the trend.