Creating Your Masters Experience

I was lucky enough to attend my first Masters this week.  It was at the top of my sports bucket list and I was thrilled to go and take in the experience.  Everyone I talked to that had been told me it's like no other place on earth (the Disneyland for golfers one of my friends called it) and they were absolutely right.  As I put my marketing hat on about my day in Augusta it brought forward a few points about customer experience that separated this day from others:

  • The place was immaculate.  The running joke is that you need to try and find a weed and take a picture as it's that rare (we never found one).  The pictures we took look like we were standing in front of a background rather than an actual place on earth.   It made me think of the level of detail and care the groundkeepers and staff had to perform to make that happen and it wants me to make sure I'm doing that for my client's work.
  • The people were friendly and thanking us for being there.  They could easily hold the air of being the most exclusive sporting event in the world over your head but no one did.  Even the security guards were friendly.  I bet we all hope that each customer touchpoint for our businesses is similar regardless of what kind of experience you want to have.
  • Everything was branded as the Masters - nothing was Nike or Budweiser.  Even the bags of chips had the Masters brand.  They made sure that their brand mattered over everything and didn't sacrifice the small things to get their impact across.  It's something to think about as you are creating the totality of your customer experience.
  • The homemade feel was pervasive.  The egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches looked and tasted like your mom made them.  You could tell that the volunteers had been around for many years and took personal pride in providing their "guests" a great day.  You may shy away from the homemade for your business but making sure you have the right feel for your brand and your audience is key.
  • The minute you leave you try to figure out how to get back.  As we leaving the gates it wasn't about if we were coming back - it was how we were going to get back.  Is that what we all want our customers to think?

Regardless of how exclusive (or not) your brand is, having all your marketing and branding items coming together to create the feel you want your customers to have is important.  If it works together it can create a magical, transformative experience for your customers and create loyalty beyond measure.

P.S. - if anyone has extra Masters tickets in the future you know where to find me!