How Marketing Can Create Organizational Change

One of the best things about being in marketing is that you are often on the forefront of change.  Whether it's industry change, organizational change, or changes in how you market to customers it seems like we have the opportunity to take on new things more than other areas of an organization.  Pretty great.

Since marketers are at the leading (or bleeding) edge of change, we have to deal with it often before others see it, which can cause problems if you are steering your ship in a new or different direction.  Communication is critical, especially when it comes to framing the reasons for changing.  Solid execution is also important as this will reinforce the change and programmatically support it throughout the organization.  The most critical point, however, is making sure the philosophy of change - the "why" as much as the "what" - is there at the highest levels of the company and has the opportunity to resonate across it.  Without that consensus and buy in the ultimate delivery of your change mechanisms will fall flat since there won't be support for it beyond what you are doing.  At the end of the day everyone needs to be part of the change in order for it to truly self-generate.

Carrying the mantle of change for an organization is important, especially when change is such a constant part of the business landscape.  Embracing and affecting that change is a positive way can have great implications on the market (depending on your position) and how your company is viewed - all great and challenging positions for marketing to be in.  Heavy lies the head with the crown, so make sure you are all in!