Finding Your Creative Inspiration While In Corporate Marketing

If you've ever worked in the corporate marketing department of a big company like I have, you sometimes struggle with the ability to be creative.  Unless you're lucky enough to be around a large brand transformation, you are locked in to a certain creative platform and a process that has you pushing button and pulling levers more than creating.  You may find some small windows where you get to display your creativity, but keeping your inspiration up can be tough against the larger machine pulling at your time and energy.

I think it's more important than ever for marketers keep their creative juices flowing.  The speed the world moves at today and the need for marketing to be ahead of the curve in almost every aspect of business demands that we look for creative inspiration in our work and beyond it.  That means if you work world isn't helping you be creative turn to outside sources to fuel it.  Mine has always been music.  I couldn't draw a lick or dance to save my life, but the emotional connection music has given me since I was young helped me get into marketing in the first place.  As I went from listening to music to eventually playing and performing it turned on new areas of my brain and my life that helps me be a better marketing.  It also provided a great oasis when the corporate world was beating me down and robbing me of my creative energy.   I hope you have something in your life you can draw from that fosters your creative senses.

Agencies have a better environment for creative than the corporate world because they foster it.  The best agencies make creativity cultural and organizational.  It goes beyond the action figures on the desks and the ping pong table in the break room.  They work to inspire their creative teams but also give them freedom to find their own style and energy.  If you're a marketing leader within a corporate world make sure you are taking the time with your team to incubate creativity, even if it's in small ways.

Just because you can't draw, dance, sing, play or code doesn't mean you can't be creative.  Look for ways to create and be inspired.  You may need to relocate you creative brain beyond the walls of the company to make it happen but make sure you do it...for your sake and the sake of your career.