Writing - Isn't It Fun?

For most marketers writing is one of the most challenging parts of the job.  Sometimes you don't have a proper command of the subject matter.  Other times it may be trying to shape the tone and timbre of copy or even create a new one from scratch.  It could also be the lack of a substantive idea or concept that prevents you from getting the first sentence on the page.  Regardless of what's blocking you the need to create impactful copy and content is critical and as marketers we have to push through all of that and manufacture an answer.

When you look at people who are successful at writing like authors or songwriters, they talk about writing every day and not editing themselves as they are creating.  They believe that the process of putting something down consistently prevents writer's block and even though it may not be good it still moves you forward.  I think this scenario is often what hits marketers in the face when they start writing.  We often edit our work as we are writing them and not trusting the creative process to get you through.  We short change the process by picking apart our words while losing site of the overall goal.

In today's era of content marketing the pressure to not just write but publish several times a week or month (depending on your business) you have to figure out ways to write when you're uninspired or topically challenged.  The latter is certainly helped with a content calendar, but it doesn't help with the time pressure.  That deadline that newspaper reporters faced for years creates angst more often than not in marketers so we should take a similar approach and embrace the pressure.  If you channel that pressure and use it to stimulate your creative energy you will feel empowered while you are writing.

So the next time you have a big writing project think about your approach before you start tapping the keyboard.  If you can start by thinking creatively, realize that all your words will not be Shakespeare the first time, trust the process and then shape the final product through editing you will relieve a lot of pressure and actually make it fun.