3 Keys To Kicking Off Your Marketing In The New Year

Most of us are kicking out the cobwebs from the end of 2016 this week, but we all know that the new year is off and running.  A lot of businesses struggle to get out the gates in January, using the bulk of month to finalize budgets and get their plans in order.  If you're lucky you got some of this done before the end of last year, but if you didn't or you have never been able to get your planning efforts off the ground quickly here are 3 tips to get your marketing planning going when the rest of the company is hitting the restart button.

  • Get some early wins or report on some late wins to build momentum - most people will forget what was done last year, especially at the end of the year.  If you can remind people about what marketing has done to help the business or what they are doing to help them get going this year it will add some light to marketing's mission and help get key people focused on it.
  • Provide marketing planning templates - if you haven't been able to create a regular marketing planning cycle for your business, push that agenda forward by providing your customers easy-to-use templates that allows your internal and/or external customers with some simple forms that outline objectives and key channels for the year.  Make it as point and click as possible and even if it doesn't answer all the questions it will at least start the conversation and provide some framework for what you need to get done.
  • Get your KPIs figured out early - the new year always have some amendments to what the business is focused on in order to meet objectives.  Most will be the same, maybe with increased expectations, and there may be a few new ones but the key is making sure marketing is adding value is tying what you do to the tangible, quantitative elements of the organization.  Plus, the earlier you know them the more time you have to meet them.

Knowing what you are going to do early on in the year helps you ski downhill a lot faster and this is very important when marketing plans need to get set so you have the time to effectively build and execute them over the course of the year.