Content Marketing Strategies That Work

As marketers, we all know the importance of content marketing.  Not only does it help us stay engaged with our clients and prospects with timely and relevant information but it is critical for search engine optimization and drawing traffic to our web and social properties.  On average, B2B marketers are now allocating 28% of their total marketing budget to content marketing (Content Marketing Institute) but almost every company struggles with building and maintaining an effective content marketing strategy.   Here are some ideas on ways to improve it:

  • Build, and actually use, a calendar - almost every content marketing professional talks about setting up a calendar that outlines topics and set dates for releases, but invariably it falls off the tracks after a few weeks as other priorities become more exciting or pull our attention away from it. Management needs to hold teams accountable for hitting the marks set forth in the calendar. Much like an editor of a newspaper, deadlines have to be hit or the news doesn't get out.

  • Don't be afraid to repurpose content - your followers enjoy hearing from you but they like hearing from other people as well. Linking and sharing other interesting articles and information will help them stay engaged longer on your channel rather than searching for data in other areas and may end up liking them better. Find reliable sources of data for your industry and market and give your subscribers what they need, especially when it supports your mission and objectives.

  • Find valuable and consistent authors - more often than not content marketing is thrust upon a handful of people and they get overwhelmed with the volume of work required or burned out on writing on a finite set of topics. Find more producers and share the load. If everyone writes one article a quarter and you have enough authors you produce more quality content with little incremental work for everyone.

  • See what the competition and other influencers are doing - if you are short on topics or ideas, look to the competition or others in your industry that are producing content for ideas that you can add your own spin to or even counterpoint to enhance what you are trying to communicate. Obviously, you don't copy and paste it, but their ideas will give you insight on what may be relevant to their customers, so why not try and steal their readership by borrowing their ideas.

Content marketing will continue to be critical for marketers as the appetite for new materials is desired by the market and the search engines demand it in quality for their algorithms.  Take these ideas and see how you can boost production of your content while adding depth and insight to what you put out there.