Creativity Matters In The Digital Age

For those of us that have been in marketing for a few years, we remember what it was like to have our marketing messages centered around print ads, brochures, postcards, annual reports and the like.  We rejoiced when the web came along and gave us even more creative freedom by making things more interactive.

However, a funny thing happened on the way to 2018.  As digital media has moved into the spotlight, the spaces where our creative exists has gotten smaller.  We now live in a world where ads are not always in paragraph form - they often exist in the handful of characters Google Adwords gives us.  Our press releases are now relegated (to some degree) to the 140+ characters that Twitter allows.  Finally, our art and pictures are becoming icons or parts of banner ads that are getting lost in a sea of other art and pictures that each web page hits us with.  With our world getting more complicated and bombarded with more and more messages, the bullhorn we get to use is shrinking.

Does that mean that creative isn't important anymore?  Far from it!  The ability to creatively get a theme, message or point across with smaller spaces and fewer words demands even more or our time and energy.  Just because we have smaller windows and even shorter attention spans doesn't mean we just throw our creative energy in the trash and think all is lost.  Like with any advancement, marketers need to adapt to the challenges and come up with new and exciting ways to get our brand out there.  We just have to think of the best ways to do with the medium and the audience in mind.

The good thing about this challenge is that marketers can push the envelope of the channel and get what we want.  We run the system and the technology will adapt to us more than it ever has, and when it doesn't we can create it.  All the advancements in video, messaging, social and community are basically from marketing, so our ability to push and drive the change we want to see will make our creativity soar as well as have the channels to match it.

Save all your large print formats - they will become antiques, but don't let yourself become one.  Push your creative thought processes in the mediums we have today and be excited about all that is to come.