Execution is where the rubber meets the road.  We hear far too often the saga of "the best laid plans" and what happened to them when things don't work out.  BrightChord Marketing brings over 24 years of marketing experience to the table and has handled projects with virtually no budget to multimillion dollar brand launches and programs.  We have the skills and knowhow you need to get your marketing out the door.  Our services include:

  • Brand & Identity Development - a brand goes well beyond your logo and your creative, especially in today’s marketing environment where content, social media and reputation management are vitally important.  A company’s visual identity remains important and BrightChord Marketing takes a holistic approach to your marketing image.  This approach ensures that there is consistency and clarity across your marketing channels and in turn what your customers and prospects are perceiving about your brand.

  • Product/Service Development - knowing what you are selling and your roadmap to advances, regardless of whether it’s a product or service, gives your portfolio a vision for the future.  BrightChord Marketing has an extensive construct for product development that will give your teams and suppliers the guidance and direction they need to meet the market at their point of demand.

  • Positioning & Content - content marketing is key in today’s web-enabled world.  Customers are constantly looking for information to make buying decisions and arm themselves with the data they need to affirm decisions.  BrightChord Marketing can help you come up with a plan to regularly push content to the market and also create relevant content for your business that can be used across a variety of marketing channels.

  • Channels & Tactics - the ability to effectively execute marketing programs can be the difference between success and disappointment.  Whether it’s in traditional forms like brochures, ads, direct mail or more current tools like white papers, digital marketing, and social media, BrightChord Marketing has the tools, skills and experience you need to get your marketing programs off the whiteboard and into your hands.